Introducing our Coaches ...

The Club has four UK Athletics qualified coaches. All support the Club by organising a variety of structured sessions on Club nights. They are also happy to work with athletes on an individual basis. To find out more, simply contact your coach of choice.

Jim Doel

I have been a runner for 20 years and a member of Eastleigh Running Club since 2013. I first became a run leader in February 2015 and then qualified as a Coach in running fitness in November 2016. I have enjoyed running and competing in all distances from 5k to marathon on both road and trail.

As a coach, I enjoy taking sessions where I can help athletes, both new to running and seasoned runners develop their running skills and techniques, put them into practice and improve their running style and performance.

David Hawkins
I have been running for nearly 40 years and joined Eastleigh Running Club in the mid 90's. I parkrun most Saturdays and use this base to build towards longer distances, of up to a half, across the year. 

I qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness in Nov 2015 and have developed a reputation for coaching Beginners - "Couch to 5k" - having been involved in such courses over the last half a dozen years. I gain huge satisfaction and pride from seeing complete "newbies" enjoying their development across a Beginners Course to be able run a 5k non stop before progressing to 10k and beyond. I do though coach more experienced athletes as they seek to improve their existing times or push the distance. As well as writing training plans, I look at style and efficiency and pace athletes in races to their target times. As a Coach there is nothing better than when it all comes together and I receive an email or text from an athlete saying that "I achieved a PB - thank you"

Melvyn Holloway

I have been a member of the Club since 2005/6. I qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness in Nov 2015. I have been running for nearly 20 years and enjoy competing in a wide range of events both on and off road ranging from 5k up to Marathon. From a coaching perspective I particularly enjoy working with athletes who are relatively new to running helping them to improve their overall fitness. I typically coach sessions aimed at helping athletes improve their running style and endurance levels with a view to them achieving their personal fitness goals

Hayley Payne

I have been a member of the Club since 2004 and became a fully-qualified Athletics coach in 2011. I have been running for 13 years and I enjoy competing for the club in both its road and off-road leagues, as well as  other running events.  From a coaching perspective I enjoy working with athletes who have developed a sense of 'I want to do well' with their running, regardless of their speed or experience. I thrive on seeing the individuals and squad of athletes I coach develop, and achieve the unexpected. I coach sessions on Thursday evenings and can often be found leading club runs on a Sunday morning.