The Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) is a group of 29 affiliated running clubs administrating a league of road race fixtures over a period from September to June. Most of the races are organised by the clubs but unlike the RR10 and CC6 the league rules do not preclude you from participating in your own race. 

The league is essentially a team event but the teams are made up of whoever turns up or enters the race. So this means you are not required to enter every race in the fixture list. If you do every race you will be presented with a groovy tee-shirt to recognise your dedication and the respect of your fellow runners. 

The key essentials to be successful in the league is get as many as possible from our club to enter the races in the fixtures. This is because of the way the races are scored. 

The race scoring for each team is based on 4 chaps for a men’s team and 3 girls for a women’s team. If we fall short of these numbers our “missing runner” is scored the number of runners in the race + 1. So you can see it’s essential we have at least 4 and 3 at each fixture otherwise our race score will mount up and we’ll drop down the league places.

Like the football league if we continue to score high and languish at the bottom of our league, we will be relegated. 

The great thing about the HRRL is the variety of races. There’s races from 5 miles to ½ Marathons. Some popular other less well known. So if you’re into endurance racing there a couple of 1/2s and a number of 10 milers, if you’re a speedy then there’s a couple of 5 milers and a number 10k’s. Variety is the spice of life so why not try a few across the board. 

If you have any questions or need help entering or getting to any of the races you can reach me on my mobile 07856 750641 most of the time or email [email protected]

Look forward to seeing loads of you at the remaining fixtures for 15/16.

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